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Tourist in Fjällbacka

Fjällbacka is for us part time and full time residents a very special place. We enjoy all seasons and what they bring.

Often amazed of its scenes and moments that can seem orchestrated to prefection.

Fjällbacka has many things to offer during your visit. Both historically, culturally, and in forms om activities and recreation.

Bohusläns has an intruiging geological history aswell as pristine history with old civilisations that left marks as carvings on the rocks on many locations.

Later the herring fishing, shipping and stone industri made a huge impact on the economy and popularity of the area.

Fjällbacka has since the mid 20th century been a popular place for recreation. This is a place of solice and privacy for visitors where their integrity always was respected.

For the timeless actress Ingrid Bergman Fjällbacka was a safe haven for her and her family.

Today many visitor come to see Fjällbacka inspired from reading Camilla Läckbergs books and/or watching the movies created from them.

Contact us at Fjällbacka Tourist Information if you want to see these places or have guided tours to know more and have more out of your visit.


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