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Here are a number of options listed if you want to come out and explore to the most beautilful archipelago in the world. Fjällbacka Archipelago has a variety of experiences to give.

Go to Sea

With us at Fjällbacka Tourist information wa have the knowledge and contact with all the commercial boatsmen in the area. We will help you find the experiences that are best suited for you, your company, your schedule and ambitions. Contact us on our chat.


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Accompany our local cray fisherman Ingemar on his job.

You will be fishing with him, and get an insight to his daily life and see the beautiful creation Fjällbacka Archipelago is. Bring your lunch or food with you. It is possible to cook, taste and buy crayfish onboard on your tour. 1000kr pp / approx 6-7h tour. The boat embarks around 07:00 am.


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Take a tour to the weather Islands to have a couple of hours or an entire day. We offer you boat trips where we take you there and take you back home.

The Weather Islands has an Inn where you can enjoy your lunch, go bathing or just for walks in the breathtaking sceneries.


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During summer season we have daily archipelgo tours, guiding you through

See Fjällbacka archipelagos history and islets during a 1,5h long boat tour.

We also offer them off season book with us.

Deep Sea Fishing

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8 hour day trip of fishing. We set out at 8:00 in the morning.

price starts from13 000 kr for the whole group. Coffee and swedish fika included.

SEAL SAFARI on the Weather Islands

Lazy Seal

The harbour seal is Bouhusläns landscape animal and the most common seal in our area. We take you on a boat tour seal safari to se seals at thw Weather Islands.

The trip takes approx 2h-5h depending if you choose the tour which lets you to desembark at the Weather Islands for an hour.

Lobster Fishing

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Lobster fishing starts monday after the 20th of September.

Book your Fishing tour with us, we have three boats from 4-25 persons.