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Are you looking for Archipelago tour ?

Maybe a few hours to go bathing and exploring Valö or Porsholmen?

Why not see the solice of the weather Islands.

We have  fun fishing experiences, out at sea, within the archilepago or out by Weather Islands.


Call or email us to book and we will set you up with a package or tour after your needs and wishes.



Weather Islands

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Lobster fishing ( 27 september- 31 november 2021)

Patrick Faure RIGOLO
Ingemar Granqvist

A day on The Weather Islands

450kr per person  /  250kr <12years

The Weather Islands used to be the residence for pilotage families that guided the ships to harbour, throught the Fjällbacka archipelago. Its nature and are well renowed and a popular destination. Anders Bräck family has a great legacy in the Weather Islands he will take you out on his boat SD Solveig. With a 40min boat tour you can experience a day and relish what The Weather Islands give you. Have a walk about bring your own food or eat on the Weather Islands Inn. Your stay on the Island will be 4 h. Boat leaves the Fjällbacka harbour at 11:00 & leaves The Weather Islands at 16:00 approximatly retur no Fjällbacka at 16:40

Archipelago Guided Tour

250kr per person.  150kr <12years

Don´t miss out! 1,5 h Guided Tour. Our most popular experience at see. Having the proteccion from the islands the see is (almost) always calm you are guided to see how people around the archipelago used to live and how they live today. You can see where Ingrid Bergman used to spend her summers and enjoy the ride that our delightful boatsmen give you.

We have several departures per day.

Contact us and we will help you get the perfect moment you are looking for.

Eco Fishing

1500kr per person

At daybreak 7:00 am Ms Mira with fisherman Ingemar set out for his daily fishing. you are weolcome onboard without impact on nature, windy, sunny or still he´ll take you on a adventure with granted luck.

Call the tourist information to book your fishing trip. Duration approx 5 1/2h.