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Fjällbacka places to see

Places to Visit

Here are som tips & so you can plan your visit or to get inspired when you are visiting Fjällbacka

Vetteberget Kungsklyftan Vettebergsledet


Vettebergsleden (trail)

Vetteberget, is a mount in the middle of the town. The town is built around it and protected by it.

If you follow the trail it takes approx. 30 min

The mountain has variation of sceneries and mystical feel to it.

You can find lakes woods and bare rocks.

It can be windy so make sure to wear clothes that suit the weather and enviroment.

The trail starts from two places, one starting with the Kungsklyftyan portal and the other passing Coop our local food store.



The Kings Gorge, Kungsklyftan in swedish was earlier called The Crows Raven, changes due to a visit from King Oscar.

This is a 200m long raven in which there is a path through the mountain.

Very popular and a small adventure for all visitor who choose to walk up. When you have passed the trail you reach some stairs that takes you further up the "Vetteberget" wher you can follow a trail thatr takes approx 30min.

Use smart shoes for the weather and the rocks.

1 min from Ingrid Bergmans Torg

Kungsklyftan Fjällbacka
Badholmen, Badplats Bathing spot. Trampoline Jump tower



On a islet connected with a bridge in the center of Fjällbacka harbour we find Badholmen. It´s a bathing area with a jump tower and trampolines. Worth while sunsets and goog for summer and winter bathing.

Kids can fish crabs, not suitable for smaller children.

During the summer you can buy simple food and ice cream and more.

There are toilets available



Badberget has an accessible beach and handicap adapted runway to enter the waters. There is a toilet but limited parking lot. a bridge and a floating bridge to swim to.

Choose to sit on the bare rocks, benches or the sand to have

enjoy your picnic and enjoy a warm day.

Theri are toilets open spring, sumer & fall.

Badberget Fjällbacka.  Badplats. Brygga, flytbrygga. Bathing spot. Beach
Sälvik Fjällbacka, Beach, Badplats



Sälvik is a 20-25 min walking distance from town center. There are parking spaces.

This bathing place is more secluded and popular and suitable for all ages. There are two bridges, gras, beach and rocks to lay on.


VEDDÖ natural reserve

How to get here from Fjällbacka

5 min by car

40 min walk

Väddö is a natural reserve near Fjällbacka. The trail is variated and you will definitely experience beautiful views and a good 3km walk.

You have a beach with a beautiful setting.

Väddö Naturreservat badplats. Natural Reserve Beach
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